Our Projects


Capacity Building and Training: Leadership in Strategic Health Communications

Since November 2008, CCPN has facilitated an annual Leadership in Strategic Health Communication (LSHC) training, bringing together participants from Nigeria and other countries with international and Nigerian health communication experts. This annual workshop is a cornerstone in CCPN's capacity building mission.

newman street TV Series

Nollywood Initiative for Enter-Educate

Seeking opportunities to engage the vibrant Nigerian film industry, with support from JHU · CCP, CCPN is taking the lead and coordinating Enter-Educate (EE) work with Nollywood.

SUNMAP. A Project by the Center for Communication Programs NIgeria Project

Support to National Malaria Project (SuNMAP)

CCPN is a project-implementing partner on (SuNMaP), a project funded by UK Department for International Development and led by Malaria Consortium. Working at the National level and in the 9 project states,

Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative

CCPN is a partner in this Gates-funded project led by JHU · CCP. CCPN provides technical assistance and on-the-ground support to the project's goal of developing interventions for creating demand for and sustaining use of contraceptives among marginalized urban populations.

Netcare Towards a Malaria Free Community

NetWorks Care and Repair Campaign

Networks is a USAID-funded project led by JHU · CCP that focuses on increasing access to, and use of insecticide treated mosquito nets among populations at risk for malaria.

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition CCPN Nigeria Partner

Home Fortification- A campaign on the Use of Micro Nutrient Powders (MNPs)

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) supports the development and implementation of home fortification products using micronutrient powders in Nigeria.

Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) is a five-year USAID funded project and CCPN is responsible for the implementation of state level communication activities and discrete national level efforts.

Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria-MNCH project

In a unique partnership with JHU · CCP responsible for providing technical expertise in social and behavior change communication to increase demand for maternal, newborn and child health services.

Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)

Action Against Hunger works in collaboration with partners in nine northern states of Nigeria expanding coverage of CMAM services in treating acute malnutrition among children under 5 years.

WHO Rapid Access Expansion 2015 (RAcE 2015)

In a partnership led by Malaria Consortium, CCPN will support RAcE to catalyze the roll out of integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) in Niger State.

United Against Malaria Project

United against Malaria (UAM)

United Against Malaria (UAM) is a global alliance of football (soccer) teams and heroes, celebrities, health and advocacy organizations, governments and corporations who have come together against malaria.

Partners for Peace (P4P)

A project of the Foundation for Peace in the Niger Delta, CCPN supported P4P to develop a coherent communications strategy, as a guide for the catalysis of a grassroots movement for the audience

Ku saurara Project

Ku Saurara! (Listen Up!)

Ku Sauraral (KS) was designed to improve the health outcomes of adolescents. The project has been active in northern Nigeria since 2000.